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Italian summer menu with children guests

summer menu, Iyaly style,  photos of the dishes
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Italian summer menu with cold dishes

Menu plan

Summer Menu where tradition and simplicity win, due to the presence of children

  • - All the recipes for this menu are traditional and simple. Everyone likes them at all ages. Its courses are not heavy and can also be served in the evening.
  • - If you have little time you can buy ready-to-eat roast beef and make a visit to the pastry shop for the cake ;)
  • - Tips for right doses.
    Prepare all bruschettas you want. Bruschetta is so good that your slices of bread will end up in a flash! I remind you that the best bread to make this starter is Tuscan loaf.
    Rice salad: you'll be able to find doses per head in the recipe page (healthy eating).
    Roast beef is planned to serve 6. If you are in greater numbers, gradually increase the weight of meat. If you have some slices left, it is also very good the next day.
    The cake serves 12 but also in this case it is not a drama if you have some slices left, right?
  • - Pairing wine: it could be a great choice a rosĂ© wine too but remember that you have to drink less in summer ;)
    Anyway read carefully the rice salad page. You could choose one of the suggested wine.