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Italian winter menu with rabbit and duck

winter menu, Italian style for holiday season
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Italian winter menu with rabbit and duck

Menu plan

Winter menu, Italian style with meat recipes except for pasta dish that is vegetarian

  • - Sometimes thinking about a full menu where the meat appears from starter to second course, cold cuts included, is really too much. I have in mind December, when greeting dinners and celebration dinners are so many that, at a certain point, we begin the countdown to the end of Holiday Season with the hope it arrives soon. True or not?
    Here is a menu in which meat is present in the starter and second course but pasta dish is completely vegetarian.
  • - I used seasonal products too: artichokes in baked pasta, oranges in duck recipe and apples in the cake.
  • - This menu can serve 6. Pasta recipe has doses for 4 people but keep in mind that in a full menu every portion must be smaller than usual. Besides if you have some food left you can eat it in the next days too. Anyway it is easy to modify doses according to the number of your guests.
  • - One of the strengths of this menu is that all the dishes can be prepared in advance and then you can really enjoy the evening :))
    In fact you can cook rabbit terrine and apple pie the day before and prepare pasta dish and duck in the same day.