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Welcoming Christmas tree

Handmade little Christmas tree for your house, office or window shop

This handmade Christmas decoration is easy-to-do and suitable for your main door or to decorate your shop or office too. Prepare two of them for both sides for the best result.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree, Italian style
Welcoming Christmas tree

You'll need

  • - Basket (15x30 cm - 6"x12")
  • - Bamboo stick, 60 cm (24") long
  • - Oasis floral foam sphere, 15-16 cm (6") diameter
  • - Foam brick, 7,5x10x23 (3"x4"x9")
  • - Artificial pine branches
  • - Artificial holly branches
  • - Red berry & gypsophilia sprays
  • - Orange berry sprays
  • - Red velvet poinsettias (artificial flowers)
  • - 3m (117") Christmas ribbon
  • - Scissors
  • - Nippers
  • - Double sided tape
  • - Artificial moss

How to make a Christmas tree without pine using oasis floral foam items

  • - Insert the foam brick into the basket.
    Add some refolded paper between the brick and basket if necessary.
  • - Insert the bamboo stick into the brick.
    Wind Christmas ribbon around it.
    Fix the ribbon to the bamboo stick with some little pieces of double sided tape in strategic points.
  • - Insert the foam sphere at the end of the bamboo stick.
  • - Arrange artificial branches in the foam sphere evenly, then poinsettias.
  • - At this point insert berry sprays trying to fill your arrangement evenly.
  • - Hide the foam brick with the moss.
    Add other Christmas decorations on the moss (if you want) as you can see in the photo.
  • - Your Christmas decoration is ready!
  • - Once Holiday season is finished, you can modify this decoration.
    Make a cool winter decoration with my idea (winter little tree)!

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