Authentic Italian Cooking

Recipes for mixed meat

Both in Italy and abroad sometimes people combine different cuts of meat to get special dishes. This page is for traditional Italian recipes and my own proposals.

Deep-fried assorted meats, macarrons and semolina, typical dish of Piedmont cuisine made with lamb, veal escalopes, ccalf brain and bone marrow, sausage, macaroons and semolina.
Italian fritto misto from Piedmont

Mixed meat recipe ideas

The Italian cuisine offers plenty of examples of recipes for meat. They are often made with various types for sumptuous full menus.
They are also long-to-do and high-calorie dishes that can not be done frequently due to time, cost and nutritional imbalance but as they say "Semel in the year" ... why not?

Traditional and new Italian recipes with mixed meats

Fritto misto, Piedmont-style

Fritto misto alla piemontese

A typical dish from Piedmont in which various types of meat (lamb and beef), offal (liver, brain, bone) and sausage are fried together with amaretti and sweet semolina. Dish for special occasions!

Meat and vegetable cake

Meat and vegetable cake

Ths is delicious dish you can prepare in advance for your dinner parties all year round, Christmas included!

Chicken, sausage, shrimp, mushroom stew

Chicken stewed together with sausage and prawns

Have you ever tested meat together with prawns? and sausage too? this is delicious, for sure! I add mushrooms too for a single-course meal. Recipe of mine.