Xmas door decoration with snowy pine

A pine branch decorated with silk flowers and jewel balls for your main door

Looking for anything new to hang on your door for Christmas? I propose a very refined decoration with jewel balls, in white, cream and green colors. You can also hang it on your shop window or on a wall.

christmas door decorations
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Xmas door decoration with flowers and jewel balls

You'll need

  • - Pine branch
  • - 4 Christmas balls, jewel-style
  • - 2 white silk roses
  • - 2 little white silk hydrangeas
  • - 2 branches silver fern
  • - Silver ribbon
  • - Snow spray
  • - Nylon thread

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Door Christmas decoration How-To

    This composition is very easy to do and it isn't very expensive.
    Besides you can recycle some old ornaments.

  • - Prepare the Christmas balls, jewel-style. Follow the link for step-by-step instructions.
  • - Sprinkle silk flowers with artificial snow and then let them dry very well.
  • - Arrange Christmas balls in pine branch using some transparent thread.
  • - In the same way arrange silk flowers and silver ferns.
    Look at the photo for more details.
  • - Knot the silver ribbon at the top.
  • - Sprinkle artificial snow directly on pine branch here and there.
    Let your composition dry very well.
  • - Hang on your main door or on a wall.