Hand decorated Xmas balls, jewel-style

How to make Christmas balls decorated by hand, starting from spheres in solid colors

In this period we Italians can see a tripudium of colors and sparkling decorations in clothes, shoes and bags. So I thought to propose the same fashion in Christmas balls: they are easy to do but fascinating.

Hand decorated christmas balls with pearls, paellettes and beads
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Christmas balls, jewel-style

You'll need

  • - Christmas balls in different colors and with the diameter you prefer
  • - 3D glue for foils (Rahyer)
  • - Paillettes, little pearls, strass, little crystal decorations, beads ...

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How to decorate christmas balls in solid colors to make them unique, very beautiful and precious! DIY decoration.

  • - These Christmas balls are easy to do, you have only to be patient!
    If you are not very familiar with these things, try on some balls before.
  • - Put a little glue on the surface of every ball drawing what you have in your mind (the glue tube has got a small beak).
    Helping with a tweezers put every decoration on the glue with delicacy.
    Be careful not to dirty your tweezers.
  • - Let every ball dry very well for almost 12 hours.
  • - Look at the photos for more details.
  • - I use them for a lot of Christmas decorations, year after year.
    I adorn pine garlands that then I place around the front door or a piece of furniture.
    I use them as Christmas tree ornaments, mixing them with feathers, string of pearls and crystals, birds ...
    I put them inside a crystal vase: a new way to decorate my house!
    I create colorful centerpieces.
  • - When I have to hang them up, I always choose a silk ribbon in the same nuance to enhance the color effect. Red with red, blue with blue,, silver with silver, white with white ...
  • - A final recommendation. When you pack them away, wrap them in tissue paper, one by one.