Decorating indoor plants

An alternative to the traditional Xmas tree for Holiday Season

Modern flats are often too small for a Christmas tree. If you have such a problem, you can put a little tree on the table or hang it on the wall. You can find other solutions among our Christmas decorations. This year my husband and I have thought to make maximum use of space decorating indoor plants. But it's imperative not to cause damage to them.

piante da appartamento decorate per le feste natalizie
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Decorating indoor plants

How to decorate indoor plants for Holiday Season

  • - In the photo above you can find an example of a composition made with little plants.
  • - I inserted some little red balls that look like natural berries among plant branches.
    Then little bundle of sticks (or cinnamon sticks) and a gold ribbon.
  • - The same decoration could be made for every indoor plant that has many little leaves.
  • - If you have a trimmed pine at home, here's a decorationg idea for it!