Spiral Christmas tree

A feather boa wrapped around a wire spiral becomes a very original Christmas tree

The Christmas tree you see is surely different from the usual. It's modern, stylish. This Christmas tree is cool for the color. It is very stylized. It has no glittery decorations that lately are often excessive. Do you agree? A very elegant Christmas decoration that can be placed on a little table, a chest, a shop window ...

Spiral Christmas tree made with feather boa
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Spiral Christmas tree with feather boa

You will need

  • - 1.4mm steel wire
  • - Feather boa (at least 1.8m - 5.9 feet long)
  • - Little balls of the same color, gloss and matt
  • - Lightweight ribbon of the same hue to tie the balls
  • - Ribbon of the same hue for the top
  • - Embroidery thread of the same hue
  • - Pliers
  • - Scissors

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Before starting with the Christmas tree How-To I give you a tip.
To make this stylish Christmas tree you have to wrap a feather boa around a spiral structure formed by rather resistant wire.
Start from the feather boa. Choose the boa you prefer according to your taste. Its color should match with the furnishing of your home.
Once you have the boa you can model the wire structure adapting it to the feather boa length.
I used a feather boa, 180cm long. My Christmas tree is 50cm high.

Spiral Christmas tree How-To

struttura interna dell'albero di Natale
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The internal structure
of this Christmas tree
  • - The internal structure of this Christmas tree is a spiral made of wire whose diameter should be at least 1.4mm if not thicker. Anyway the wire must be doubled.
    Look at the picture for more details.
  • - Begin with the central spindle.
  • - If you have a feather boa of the same length double a piece of wire for about 60cm.
    It will be the central spindle.
  • - Form a loop and shape a spiral descending to the base.
    My spiral has only three turns.
    Try to do this holding the boa in order to adapt the length of the spiral to it.
  • - Join the spiral at the base of the spindle forming a first radius.
    Strengthen this radius by turning around other wire (at least a couple of times so returning to the base of the spindle).
  • - Make a second radius joining it to the spiral.
    Strengthen it too and go back to the base of the spindle.
  • - Complete with a third ray.
    This must also be strengthened.
  • - Tie the feather boa to the spiral with little pieces of embroidery thread.
  • - Hang the little balls using the lightweight ribbon.
  • - Tie the higher ribbon at the top and make a bow.
    Let the two edges rather long so you can twist them around the central spindle to hide it.
  • - Your Christmas tree is ready.
    Less than an hour to make it!
    But I must confess that without the valuable advice of my husband it would take more time :))

I used the same feather boa for another refined Christmas decoration around a mirror (feathers at Christmas). Do you like it? It's another Christmas decoration idea with the same ornament.