Xmas wreath with greeting cards

You need little material for this simple Holiday door wreath: to make with your kids

The wreath you see in the photo is made with real pine. Generally I choose it only for special occasions because, unfortunately, it does not last long and, frankly, I do like it no more once dried. Besides it loses a lot of its needles. I prefer wreaths of synthetic pine but everyone can make the choice more suitable to his taste. The important thing about this Christmas decoration is its simplicity and low cost.

how to decorate a real pine wreath with the help of children, easy craft ideas
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Christmas wreath with greeting cards

You'll need

  • - Real or synthetic pine wreath
  • - A4 red construction paper
  • - Christmas Self-Adhesive Foil Gift Tags
  • - Scissors
  • - Pencil
  • - Ruler
  • - Black pen
  • - Golden cord
  • - Transparent nylon thread

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Real pine wreath decorating idea

  • - Divide the red construction paper into nine equal rectangles.
  • - Cut out all the rectangles.
  • - Place in the center of everyone a Christmas self-adhesive gift tag.
  • - Write Merry Christmas in the languages that you like.
    Greeting formulas in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Norwegian, Danish, French, Italian ... are easily found on Internet.
  • - Make a small hole in the top right corner.
  • - Insert a piece of golden cord.
  • - Tie every rectangle to the pine.
  • - Your Christmas wreath is ready.
    It's a simple DIY Christmas decoration you can make easily with your children.
    It will take very little time.
    It's a low cost ornament.
  • - You can embellish your Holiday wreath with red berries and ribbons in red and white checked ;))