Christmas arrangement with snowy flowers

Easy and quick to do Christmas snowy icy bouquet with silk flowers to recycle

The idea for this Christmas decoration came to me while I was exploring fairs and exhibitions dedicated to Christmas in the last few weeks. I liked at once all flowers with ice or snow effect but their prices ... Better to forget them, I said. But on second thought I found the best solution. I had in the living room a bunch of silk roses that sooner or later I would have to renew. So why not use them to create a new arrangement? here it is! what do you think about it?

Christmas arrangement with silk flowers turned into winter flowers with snow and ice effect
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DIY Christmas snowy and icu bouquet

You'll need

  • - Silk roses in different colors
  • - Ivy little branches
  • - Silver ferns and leafless branches
  • - Synthetic pine branches
  • - Fake snow
  • - Spray snow
  • - Spray glue
  • - Iridescent glitter flakes

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snowy flowers
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Details on DIY snowy

How to make a Christmas bouquet with snow and ice effect

  • - Spread sheets of old newspapers on a surface outdoors.
  • - Sprinkle each silk flower, branch and twig with snow.
    Put them, well separated, on the newspaper.
  • - Wait for some hours and then repeat this step.
  • - Let all dry.
  • - Spray the glue and then sprinkle the glitter flakes on petals, leaves and branches.
  • - Let all dry very well.
  • - Prepare your bouquet.
  • - Put the fake snow inside the vase.
    Place flowers and branches combining well their colors.
    Look at our photos for more details.
  • - I'm going to enjoy this bouquet at least until February. I like it too much!
  • - The idea then is to wrap the entire bouquet in white thin paper and put it apart until next winter.
snowy roses
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Detail on snowy or icy roses