Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian cold meat appetizers

Meat appetizers to be served cold. The term is clear. Who loves this kind of starter does not look for fish recipes, meat must be the main ingredient or meat combined with vegetables, definitely. This page collects some of the best traditional Italian recipes and some new ideas developed by me.

  • Turkey breast aspic recipe
  • Italian “nervetti” salad or veal shank salad
  • Marinated boiled beef (carpione beef)
  • Cooked ham mousse
  • Veal paté
  • Prosciutto & melon
  • Assorted salami with fresh and dried fruits
  • Mortadella mousse
  • Veal with tuna sauce

    How to serve cold meat appetizers

    They are usually chosen for a menu whose only ingredients are meat, cold cuts and vegetables. But it is not said that it is the only solution. I often begin my menu with a meat appetizer and then serve a first course based on fish and vegetables. I choose my second course between meat and fish. The important thing is to balance all flavors well. In fact, if you prepare an assorted salami platter, be careful with the following courses or they could taste insipid.
    Serve cold meat appetizers all year round. In winter months, including Christmas, alone or before hot appetizers. In summer they are perfect.
    If you have any problem, !

    Our tested recipes

    Assorted salami to be served with fresh and dried fruits

    salami served with fresh and dried fruit

    Here are some ideas to serve cold cuts in different ways, combining them with fresh, dried and dehydrated fruits

    Classic Italian antipasto

    assoterd salami, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables in oil

    The most traditional of the starters in Italy. A nice plate of assorted cold cuts accompanied perhaps by hard-boiled quail eggs, some pickled vegetables and bread with olives or walnuts. What about i?

    Cold braised veal with tuna sauce (vitello tonnato)

    veal tuna, antipasto and main dish in Italian cuisine

    This is the best starter according to me. What do you think about? It's ideal because it tastes fantastic and then you can prepare it in advance. Besides you can serve veal in tuna sauce in all seasons. However, it becomes a tempting one-plate meal in summer that you can accompany with a seasonal green salad.

    Ham rolls with Russian salad and hard-boiled eggs

    Cold ham rolls, summer dish

    This dish is a great example of the versatility of Italian cuisine. In fact these rolls are a great cold appetizer and an excellent main dish in summer too. The choice is yours :))

    Italian “nervetti” salad or veal shank salad

    veal shank salad

    We Italians can buy veal shank salad in supermarket that have a good-quality product but making it at home gives us more taste, really!

    Marinated boiled beef (carpione beef)

    carpione beef

    Have you any boiled beef or veal left? You can marinate and serve it as main dish in your family menu or as a starter in your get-togethers. I recommend you only to be careful in combining the other courses for the presence of vinegar!

    Mortadella mousse

    Mortadella mousse

    Mortadella mousse is a delicious cream that is prepared by mixing mortadella with ricotta, parmesan and cream. It is ideal if accompanied by hot croutons. But even tigelle are special.

    Prosciutto & melon

    Ham and melon

    The most classic cold appetizer in Italian cuisine. A delight for palate and eyes too. So good that it does not open only a lunch or dinner in summer but it is meal itself! The difference lies in portions. Really, it satisfies everyone and then is quick to prepare too. What could be better?

    Turkey Aspic

    summer aspic with meat

    A delicious dish to prepare in advance and serve as single-course meal in summer or main dish in your summer get-togethers or starter in your winter or Christmas menu or other occasions.

    Veal paté

    Veal paté

    The recipe for veal pate is a bit long but definitely worth if you love this kind of dish that we Italians have the habit to make for Christmas time and special occasions.