Antipasto all'Italiana

Classic Italian antipasto   Authentic Italian recipe

Italian antipasto is typically a platter of assorted salami accompanied by various tidbits.
The most traditional way for starting a meal according to the Italian style is preparing a dish full of salami, prosciutto, coppa, cacciatore, galantina, mortadella. You can accompany them with a variety of vegetables in oil, quail eggs and, naturally, a good-quality bread. Another idea is accompanying assorted salami with bruschette, crostini, deep fried vegetables and little pieces of frittata.
In the third photo you can see bread covered with thin slices of bacon fat (Italian lardo) and baked for few minutes. Mmh, gnam, gnam ...!

Italian appetizers with assorted salami
Classic Italian antipasto platter with
assorted salami
italian antipasto with salami and quail eggs
Assorted salami with hard-boiled quail eggs
Italian starter with baked bread with bacon fat
Lard on crostini - Classic Italian antipasto

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