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Assorted canapés with fish
( Tartine assortite con pesce )

Our original home cooking

These assorted canapés (for we Italians tartine) with fish are very simple to do but tasty. They are made with a special bread, pain d'épices whose main ingredients are honey, rye and rye bran. You'll have unusual and delicious canapés to start a seafood menu. Decorate your canapés with marinated anchovies, red lumpfish roe, asparagus cream, smoked tuna with strawberries.
Match a typical wine of Alto Adige (Italian region) such as Gewürztraminer. Links to all pages that can help you are below!

difficulty: easy

time: 40 minutes

calories: (kCal)

Ingredients / Serves 6 - 8

  • 300g (110 1/2 ounces) pain d'épices
  • 1 200g (7 ounces) can marinated anchovy fillets in oil
  • 70g (2 1/2 ounces) smoked tuna in slices
  • 1 50g (1 3/4 oounces) red lumpfish roe
  • 150g (5 1/3 ounces) fragrant and ripe strawberries
  • Asparagus cream in the amount of our recipe
  • Some pieces seafood salad to garnish
  • Unsalted butter
  • 2 teaspoons balsamic vinegar
easy recipe
preparation: 40 minutes
plus marinating time for smoked tuna
cooking: no required
total: 40 minutes
How many calories in a serving?
Calories: n.c. (kcal) - n.c (kJ)
Protein: n.c. (g)
Total fat: n.c. (g)
Total carbohydrate: n.c. (g)
Sugars: n.c. (g)

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Recipe for assorted canapés (tartine) with fish


  • - Prepare your smoked tuna.
    Clean, wash in cold water quickly and pat dry your strawberries.
    Slice them and put in a little bowl.
    Add balsamic vinegar, stir well and let them flavor, 30 minutes.
    Divide every slice of tuna in order to have pieces suitable for every canapé.
    Arrange your tuna pieces in a large platter.
    Spread strawberries with their juice that in the meantime will be formed over tuna.
    Let all ingredients flavor while you begin to decorate your canapés.
  • - Remove butter from the refrigerator half an hour before assembling canapés, to soften it.
  • - Halve every slice of your pain d'épices.
  • - Spread the amount of butter you prefer on every slice.
  • - Spread the right amount of red lumpfish roe on the fourth part of canapés.
  • - Then spread asparagus cream on a similar amount of canapés.
  • - At this point prepare your canapés with tuna and straberries.
  • - Then it is the turn of canapés with marinated anchovy fillets.
  • - Look at the photos for more details.

Just before serving

  • - Arrange your canapés on one or more serving platters.
  • - Garnish with some pieces of seafood salad if you want.
  • - Your canapés are ready!



  • - These canapés with fish are a spring recipe for the presence of asparagus and strawberries.
  • - Asparagus cream is a mousse whose recipe you can find in the section dedicated to vegetables.
  • - You can decorate your canapés with some pieces of seafood salad if you think to serve it too. But it is not necessary.
assorted seafood canapes
Assorted canapes

Menu planning

  • - These canapés are ideal for a seafood menu in spring.
    Here it is a typical Italian menu from canapés to dessert!
    Serve these canapés with fish matched with a good-quality white wine before placing your guests at the table. In this case I don't suggest a typical Italian antipasto because these canapés have an unusual taste and it could be very difficult combining other seafood platter unless you want to serve oysters. You can find some ideas to prepare, eventually cook and serve oysters in our index page dedicated to Italian recipes with molluscs.
    But let's go on with the first course. My tip would be taglierini with artichokes and shrimps. Artichokes is another spring vegetable.
    The second course can't be too elaborated. I'd choose a gilthead with olives, a delicate recipe that could be accompanied by lentil mini frittatas, to serve something unusual.
    Don't change the white wine served with canapés. A white wine is ideal for all your menu.
    The last course must be, obviously, an Italian cake or dessert. You can't serve desserts based on pastry or whipping cream in a seafood menu. It's better a fruit tart or a soft cake in this case. I'm sure some of us would know what is my favorite cake for this seafood menu. I'd serve Caprese cake (Torta caprese). Plain chocolate and almonds are its main ingredients.
    To complete your menu a little glass of arancino (orange-flavored liqueur) or lemoncino and a coffee. Enjoy this menu!

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Healthy eating

  • - These canapés with fish are a special food for a special event, they are not prepared as finger food for a daily menu.
    Our body knows very well how to compensate for the abuses of a lunch or dinner if not repeated too many times :))
  • - It wasn't impossible for me to calculate calories, fat and sugar of these canapés with fish. It's variable the amount of butter and other ingredients. The calculation would be too superficial and misleading.


What's the right wine for " Assorted canapés with fish "?

Generally Carlo and I serve Südtirol Gewürztraminer with our seafood canapés. It's a fruity wine of Alto Adige, an Italian region.

We created a page dedicated to Trentino-Alto Adige region with recipes, wines and typical food.