Authentic Italian Cooking


Pork meat is cheap and tasty. For many years it has been demonized because it was considered high in fat but today with modern farming techniques it can compete with the veal. However, remember that by reducing the consumption of meat can only be a right choice for your health!

  • Baked leg of pork
  • Pot-roast pineapple-flavored pork loin
  • Pork loin with apples
  • Stewed pork ribs with savoy cabbage

    Pork, how to serve it

    Cooking this kind of meat is a great tradition in Italy.
    Every region has its own recipes: porchetta in Umbria, roast or baked pork in the north ...
    Nowadays, we Italians try to cook it with fruit too: for example with apples or plums.
    Test these new healthy recipes if you like eating well and with low fat and calories.
    In this page you'll be able to find a lot of tasty, traditional and new recipes. Consult them!

    Pork recipes, listed according their ingredients or cooking method

    Baked leg

    I use very little olive oil in my recipe compared to the traditional way of cooking it. The reason is the beer!

    Cassoeula versus rustida. Lombardy against Piedmont

    Cassoeula and rustida recipes

    The pork cooked with cabbage is a very good combination that is prepared outside Italy too. Here I show you two recipes from the north. Both are winter recipes that use cheaper cuts of meat, but thought in a different way and with opposite nutrtitive values.

    Pineapple-flavored, roasted

    Pineapple-flavored  roast pork

    This is an unusual dish in which meat is flavored with pineapple. Loved by people who like pairing meat and fruit. It is a recipe of mine, tested several times and well accepted by all my guests ;))

    Apple flavored, in the pan

    Pork loin with apples recipe

    Very easy to do recipe but your meat will be juicy. Delicious main dish for your family dinner or dinner parties.

    Meatballs, Mammola-style. In Calabria dialect: Pruppetti a Mammulisi

    Pork meatballs, Mammola-style. In Calabria dialect: Pruppetti a Mammulisi

    This is an authentic recipe from Calabria, written by a reader of ours. Gino Larosa. Meatballs are always so inviting, right?

    Spinach filling, pot-roast and finally in jelly

    Pot-roast pork with spinach filling in jelly

    Pork is filled with spinach, pot roasted, sliced and put in jelly. Tasty summer cold dish for your parties :))

    Loin roast

    Pork loin roast

    One of the simpliest but tastiest recipe for pork. Everyone is able to do it. It is always successfull ;))

    Ribs with savoy cabbage

    Pork ribs with savoy cabbage

    Some friends of mine told me some helpful advice to degrease the meat and make this dish, traditionally rich in calorie and fat, more acceptable. Not to be missed!