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Recipes with black truffle

Black truffle is an essential ingredient in many recipes for appetizers, first and second courses according to a typical Italian menu. Nevertheless many people remain in doubt when they have to choose it because they do not know how to clean and cook truffle or consider it to be expensive or have never had a close encounter with this fantastic food. Besides, quite simply, they do not know its flavor. This page is the collection of traditional recipes that I had learned to do since, teenager, I helped my mother in cooking but there are also new ideas. I want to reassure immediately all you if doubters. Truffle is good, it enriches most dishes greatly and you do not need a lot to make a good impression!

pasta seasoned with black truffle sauce
Truffle spaghetti

How to use black truffle

The first time my mother and I had black truffle in our hands we did not know where to start. At the time there was no Internet that solves all the problems and fashionable cookbooks spoke little or nothing about it. Luckily, a seeker explained to us what to do in a few words. In the recipe for truffle sauce I explain everything, do not worry! Over time I learned to appreciate it more and more. Delicious with pasta, black truffles is amazing with eggs, meat, shellfish, crustaceans ... and even with chocolate ;) Strange, isn't it? it is a must as almost all the recipes on this page.

The list of our recipes with black truffle


Black truffle in man hand

This is an important page for all of you with any doubt about how to store, clean and combine it according to traditional and new recipes.

Pasta saladPasta salad with rabbit and black truffle

This cold pasta is very tasty and can be served all year round.
I make it in summer for my cold dinners but in winter too for my meal, buffet style at New Year's Eve party. The other important ingredient is rabbit.

The sauce

Black truffle sauce

This is the recipe I learned when I was a teenager and worked with my mother in the family kitchen. I do never add any mushrooms or anchovies as many people are used to do.

Antipasto platter, Umbria style

Antipasto platter, Umbria style

I lived in Umbria for many years and I know very well how to prepare an assorted antipasto platter, typical of this region. Black truffle can not be missed. You can find it in frittata slices or cheese. There are a lot of truffle cheeses in Umbria.

Rabbit stew

Rabbit with black truffle

This is a typical recipe in Umbria and other regions in Italy. It's very simple to do too.

King prawn salad

King prawn salad with black truffle

The taste of this crustacean-and-truffle salad is divine.

I prepare it for my formal invitations and especially in Holiday Season!

Salt tart

Rabbit pie with black truffle

This savory cake is a recipe of mine that I'm very proud of. My friends often ask for this dish because it tastes fantastic. Rabbit is combined with truffle chocolate. The use of chocolate with meat is a tradition that comes from the Renaissance in. Italy


Risotto with black truffles

Risotto is a typical dish in Italy. We Italians often make it but an usual dish can become extraordinary with the addition of the special guest of this page. It's the case of this risotto with chicken and potatoes.

Crostini with mushrooms in oil

Crostini with mushrooms in oilItalian crostini are famous all over the world. It's very easy to do them but you can make them very special adding black truffle slices in oil as in this case in which the main ingredients are mushrooms in oil.


Black truffles on toast or bruschettas with truffles

This is a typical appetizer in Umbria and other regions of central Italy. Very easy to do. These bruschettas can be a good choice in refined or rustic menus.

Garnished polenta slices

Quail eggs and black truffle on polenta slices

Do you use quail eggs? I often use them because they are so nice to see, aren't they? Ideal to prepare special starters as in this case!

Frittata (omelette)

Frittata (omelette) with black truffles

Another egg-and-truffle combination. Frittata is a typical recipe throughout Italy and so it can be used for a starter too :))

Chicken galantine

Chicken galantine

Chicken galantine is a typical dish for Christmastime but I have the habit to prepare it for my meals, buffet-style all year round.

Quails in sparkling wine gravy

Special dish for special events without any doubt. Take a look at this recipe! Easy to do but it tastes fantastic, really!

StrangozziStrangozzi with black truffle sauce

If you want to astonish your guests with a very special spaghetti dish, take a look at this recipe. Inter alia, it's very easy and quick to do!