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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Italian canapés

Italian canapes or tartine ... Who does not love them? If small, tartine are ideal as finger food. If bigger they can accompany a plate of assorted cold cuts and cheese. In both cases tartine are always very welcome. Tartine appear often in the seafood appetizers to amalgamate contrasting flavors. Tartine can complete assorted Italian antipasto platter made with cold cuts and cheeses. But they are also an excellent choice for a meal, buffet-style or your Italian aperitivo (happy hour).

fish-and-fruit cnapés (italian tartine)
Canapés (tartine) with sliced crab sticks, shrimps and kiwi fruits on top

Canapés ... in Italy we call them tartine

Here are a lot of recipes for Italian canapés (tartine) with different ideas for their topping: meat, fish, truffles, fruit, vegetables.
In Italy we use sliced bread, pain d'épices, cracker, Ritz ... even savory pastry too, to make them.
You can choose canapés for a cocktail party menu, a meal, buffet-style or to start a dinner party.
Some people are also used to serve them for afternoon tea accompanied by other savory finger food followed by a lot of sweets.
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All published recipes were tested in our kitchen. I am the cook and my husband Carlo the photographer. You can find examples of Italian cuisine or new recipes created by me.

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Italian canapés (tartine)

Assorted canapès with fish

assorted canapè with fish

Buttered pain d'épices and fish on the top. Simple-to-do but tasty canapés for your fish menus.

Canapè with mortadella mousse

canapes with mortadella mousse

Sliced bread and mortadella mousse on the top. Fantastic and very-simpple-to-do!
Carlo and I knew mortadella mousse in Bologna and loved it at once. On this page the link to the mousse too.

Fish and fruit canapés

fish and fruit canapes

Crab sticks, prawns and kiwi. Few ingredients for delicious tartine, ideal canapés to start a full menu with fish and meat courses. These canapés are very quick to do.

Sage canapes

Sage canapes garnished with prawns, ham, quail eggs and mozzrella

Giant, fragrant sage leaves are breaded, baked and then garnished with what your fancy suggests to you. I used quail eggs, raw ham, mozzarella and prawns when my husband took this photo. You could also use cotto ham, salami, other cheeses ... a fantastic unusual Italian starter.

Assorted canapés with rye bread

Assorted canapés with rye bread

Canapes with rye bread? Yeah, as long as you choose the right topping. For example I tested swordfish pate, sweet and sour onions and sun dried tomato pate. Fantastic :))

Savory cookies for cocktail party

Do you want to astonish your guests? Prepare a savory shortcrust pastry, make some cookies and garnish them according to your fancy.
These cookies are perfect for your meals, buffet-style or cocktail parties or to serve with a glass of Prosecco before placing your guests at table for a dinner or lunch party.
I prepared them for a wedding buffet too. They were successful! Unusual canapés.
On this page the link to savory pastry too.

Wild boar salami & paté canapés

Do you know TUC, the popular snacking cracker well known all over the world? These canapés are made with it. On the top wild boar salami and paté. Mouth-watering and quick to do.
It's a recipe of mine, ideal to serve as starter in your get-together or full menu for special occasions.


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