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Italian Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar has a long tradition and a particular charm. However, the most important thing is not buying it already done but to build it with your children so they can become protagonists of Christmas holidays. At the same time you can play with them and nourish their imagination and expectations. On this page you'll be able to find ideas for different from the usual calendars ... the 24 days that separate you from Christmas can be counted in many different ways ... without opening windows. Do you agree?

unusual, handmade Advent calendar with Christmas characters
Advent calendar with Santa and his reindeers

How to do Advent calendars for children?

All depends on the meaning you want to give it: how many days until Jesus birth? how many days to Santa's arrival? You sometimes need simply a panel showing the 24 days before Christmas and mark their passage, one after the other, arousing curiosity and desire. Or, even better, to associate a good deed or a sentence to read together to every day. Every mom and dad certainly knows how to find the right way to prepare children to the most beautiful celebration of the year like any teacher! In this page you'll be able to find some Advent calendars of mine. The're craft ideas from which you may elaborate and build other ideas!

DIY Advent calendars

Countdown to Christmas with Santa's stories

Unusual Advent Calendar: Santa tellls a story every day.

Santa is at home, he is going to sit in his favorite armchair and tell the story of the day. What stories? what happens to him when he goes around the world in disguise?

Awaiting the birth of Baby Jesus

DIY advent calendar with wool panel and crib

This Advent calendar is dedicated to the family for Christmas. The tasks should be divided. Who has the habit to knit will make the panel and children will cut the numbers and figures for the crib. There is no best moment of the year when the family gets together and spend more time together!

Awaiting Santa's arrival

Countdown to Christmas, panel with Santa and a christmas picture

I am not fond of the usual Advent Calendars with little windows hiding a sweet. Maybe because I try to do food education to decrease the amount of sugar ... According to me the idea of ​​Advent calendar is purely religious as the previous project or dedicated to the countdown to Santa's arrival. Like this. Christmas decoration to do with your kids strictly ;))

The story teller

Advent calendar story teller

Another idea for an unusual Advent Calendar. The decoration is placed on a panel and the scene changes as Christmas approaches. To move the characters or add other ones, you need only patafix.
In this way you can tell your kids all that happens at Santa's ;))