Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian hot seafood antipasto ideas

Italians seafood delicacies have helped to make our cooking famous in the world. The choice is very rich. Every region overlooking the sea has its tradition. Well, when fried, stewed, baked, seared seafood is reduced to small size, you can assemble a typical assorted platter with which you can open a full menu, Italy-style. On this page, you will find all the recipes to be served hot.

  • Boiled stockfish, Venetian-style
  • Savory cream puffs filled with mushrooms and prawns
  • Smoked salmon bruschetta alias garlic-and-smoked-salmon on toast
  • Baked scallops
  • Gratinated scallops with dried apricots
  • Baked stuffed cherry tomatoes
  • Beccafico sardines
  • How to grill baby cuttlefish

    Serving Italian hot seafood appetizers

    At first, let's see some examples together! Clam or mussel soup? fried oysters? scallops au gratin? grilled cuttlefish? stuffed sardines that is sarde a beccafico? There is not an exclusive recipe.
    Begin looking at my proposals and enjoy to combine the various recipes. If you choose fish to start your full menu, it is not said you have to continue with fish. For example, I often start my menu with a seafood appetizer, then I continue with a vegetarian first course made with pasta or rice and then serve the meat as main dish.
    The choice is all yours!
    If you have any problem, !

    Our tested recipes

    Beccafico sardines

    Sicilian sardines, stuffed with pine nuts, plain dried breadcrumbs, raisins

    Bluefish is always good, in any way you cook it but there are also special recipes. This is one of these. Sardines are stuffed with a mixture of raisins, pine nuts, dried breadcrums, parsley ... rolled and cooked in the oven. Fantastic! Ideal to start a fish menu.

    Clam chowder

    clam chowder

    Clams in tomato sauce are ideal for your only- fish meals all year round. Open your menu with them, hot and served in individual bowl. Generally I accompany clam chowder with crostini (grilled bread slices).

    Fried oysters

    fried oysters

    Fried oysters are delicious, really, but you have to prepare them at last minute and serve immediately. So my tip is to choose this dish only if you have few guests or anyone that helps you in the kitchen.

    Grilled baby cuttlefish

    grilled baby cuttlefish

    Grilled baby cuttlefish is an easy-to-do recipe you can find in every restaurant of the Italian towns facing the sea. But all fish lovers don't miss them in their starter. We Italians make them at home or buy ready -to-eat baby cuttlefish for our fish menus.

    Grilled clams

    Grilled clams belong to Marche cooking tradition. Clams are grilled with the addition of few ingredients and served at once. Perfect for your BBQ parties in summer.

    Baked scallops

    grilled scallops ready to be served

    Scallops are very good, right? Besides they are a winning choice when you have to plan a formal menu. In fact they can be eaten without any problem and are a refined dish. This is my version of grilled scallops.

    Baked scallops with dried fruit

    grilled scallops How-To

    This is one of the best recipes of mine. If you are a fish lover, take a look at what kind of dried fruit I use ... Recently, I could tasted scallops combined with peaches too ... Yummy! They work very well with dried and fresh fruit!

    Inciocchite clams

    Inciocchite clams is a delicious dish made only with clams and salt. Poor recipe for a great taste. You can serve it warm, in individual cups.

    Savory cream puffs with mushrooms and prawns

    Savory cream puffs with mushrooms and prawns

    As I have just written, we Italians prepare both sweet and savory puffs with the same dough. There are a lot of fillings for salty versions. An example in this recipe. Serve them warm or cold. I prefer them warm without any doubt.

    Smoked salmon bruschetta alias garlic-and-smoked-salmon on toast

    salmon bruschetta

    Smoked salmon is used a lot in Italian antipasto. Bruschetta is a must. So I often combine them to have tasty appetizers. In small portions it is a delicious finger food.

    Stewed clams

    Clams are one of the most used ingredients on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve dinner party in Italy. Very easy to do recipe for your informal get-togethers. Serve clam stew in individual bowls.