Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian Xmas recipes: meat and poultry recipes

Italy is famous for its Christmas recipes. We Italians are used to prepare a lot of dishes because Christmas table must be very rich. Generally, Christmas Eve menu is made only with fish. On the contrary our Christmas day lunch is the triumph of the meat. Here are some authentic Italian recipes!

chicken galantine surroundd by green cube of aspic
Chicken galantine

What's the ideal meat for a perfect Christmas menu?
There is not a precise answer. Tastes and habits are very different.
However, I'm going to give you some tips that come from the wisdom traditions of the past. Prepare at least two courses. A bird: turkey, capon, pheasant or duck. And then a roast meat, beef or pork. Another choice could be boiled meat. First of all, this choice will allow to satisfy everyone and secondly to have leftovers with which to survive for at least two days without being forced to cook in the following days.
For fans of the game ... there are recipes with wild boar or deer too.

Meat recipes for Holiday season menus

Duck in orange sauce

Orange duck

Duck in Orange Sauce is one of the most popular dishes of the Christmas holidays. Duck has a tasty meat and orange juice helps to degrease it and make it even more tempting. There are many variations. My tested recipe is particularly liked by all my guests because it is very simple. Remember: the simplest recipes are the most appreciated.

Duck in pomegranade sauce

pomegranade duck

This duck recipe is very nice to see. This is a scenographic dish. In the same time it is very easy to do and tastes fantastic! You'll need only duck meat, pomegranades, chives and olive oil!

Duck with chestnuts

duck cooked together with chestnuts

Another dish with duck that, as you can see in the photo, is very good and particularly inviting. You may already cut it into portions and so you are not forced to serve it whole. The duck is cooked in orange juice and accompanied by chestnuts.

Pot roast in tomato sauce

pot roast beef in tomato sauce

You can not miss a piece of roast meat in your Christmas menu, Italian-style. Generally, I bake it in a delicious tomato sauce that becomes a great sauce for noodles, macaroni or spaghetti the same day or the next day.

Rolled stuffed guinea fowl rolled stuffed guinea fowl

Boned guinea fowl, frittatas, orange juice and Cointreau, aromatic herbs. Just a few ingredients and lots of flavor. An unusual but delicious way to present guinea fowl. Guinea fowl is divided into three parts to make small roasts to be cooked and served more easily.
Look at the dish! Do you see how it is garnished?

Capon with chestnuts

Capon with chestnuts

This is the typical recipe of the Italian capon stuffed with chestnuts and sausage. My variant is to add myrtle liqueur that gives it a delicious flavor. Just a few ingredients but well combined together make a great dish ;))

Capon stuffed with chestnuts

capon stuffed with chestnuts

Another recipe for baked capon. This time its filling is made with Cointreau-flavored chestnuts, sausage and pumpkin. Capon is cooked whole in the oven and then is portioned to complete its cooking.

Venison on grilled polenta

venison on polenta top

This recipe with venison is long only in appearance. In reality, the active time is limited. You have to start the night before marinating it in red wine and then cook for a long time the next day.

Roe stew meat with Basmati rice

Excellent venison recipe

This recipe with venison is truly superb as the name implies. It may be a perfect choice for your Christmas menu, after a very rich assorted appetizer platter. It is a dish where the meat is served with basmati rice and a special jam. It is ideal for a fine and delicious meal.

Meat-and-fig stuffed turkey

stuffed turkey in the oven

The roast turkey is a classic recipe for the Christmas holidays in Italy. Each family has its own version. If you are looking for some new ideas, try this. The filling is made with ground pork loin, strolghino salami or other soft salami and dried figs with no added sugar. A true gluttony!

Orange rabbit

Orange rabbit

I think a meat dish flavored with orange juice is ideal for every Christmas menu. All holiday menus are generally aboundant and then to degrease a bit your mouth can be very useful. My rabbit should be served with slices of orange and black olives.
Read more on the page, two full menus included.

Clementine and marsala rabbit

Marsal flavored rabbit

Tasty and delicate, a real gluttony! It is easy to do too!
Who said that to impress your guests, you have to condemn yourself in the kitchen for hours and use one hundred thousand ingredients? the simplest things to do are often the most good if you use "well chosen" combinations.

Stuffed boned rabbit

Stuffed boned rabbit

The filling for this rabbit is a typical Italian recipe, according our traditions. Frittata (you can flavor it with black truffle inHoliday season), porchetta and aromaticherbs. What about it?

Chicken galantine

chicken galantine

Chicken galantine is very common in Italy at Christmastime. Here you see it served on a bed of green jelly for a scenographic presentation.
You can serve it either as a starter or main course. The choice is yours!

Pheasant with wild berries

Pheasant meat is sometimes a little chewy. Bake it with tangerine juice, berries and a hint of kumquat.
This pheasant dish is fabulous!
Special for your Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve.

Orange and chocolate guinea fowl

orange and chocolate guinea fowl

This dish with guinea fowl is fantastic, worthy of a great menu. Contrary to what you may think, it is very cheap and easy to do.
A tasty recipe of mine ... according to people who tasted it.

Turkey breast in pomegranate juice

turkey breast in pomegranate juice

A different way to serve turkey at Christmas. You are not forced to buy a whole turkey. Ideal everytime you need to cook for a few people and do not want to give up the traditional turkey.

Boiled beef meat

boiled beef meat

What are the best pieces of meat to make a good dish of boiled beef? what cooking techniques? how to serve it,Italian-style?
The broth is a must for Christmas. In order to enjoy tortellini or cappelletti ... :))

Rabbit and vegetable terrine

Rabbit and vegetable terrine

Boned rabbit meat is processed with ham, sausage, beans and carrots.
It can be prepared in advance and served as appetizer or a delicious second course after the first course (pasta or rice).

Stuffed roast roll

Stuffed roast roll

Typical Sicilian recipe and great main dish. It is called farsumagru in Sicilian ;)) This is a rolled roast with a delicious filling made of sausage, bacon, cheese and herbs.