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Italian Xmas recipes: rice dishes

Rice as first course at Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner party? In the house of my maternal grandparents, there was no problem. It was Christmas only if there was risotto with mushrooms and chicken livers that is the traditional dish of that area (between Piedmont and Lombardy - Italy). When my grandmother went to the kitchen to make risotto, we grandchildren were almost happy. A small break after all the traditional starters was not bad and then there were all the gifts waiting for us. Other times. Now, what are the habits? in the north a rice dish is always welcome! Read more ...

Christmas risotto with salami and chestnuts
Italian Christmas risotto

... the only problem is to choose a tasty recipe and plan all at best.
Of course rice pie solves many problems because everything can be prepared in advance and then you have only to turn on the oven at the last minute. However, the rice should not betray you: it must be of good quality and not overcook.

On this page, you will find many Italian recipes with rice combined with fish, meat or even just vegetarian versions. Something for everyone!
I suggest you look at them calmly and make at least a test before Holiday season!

Our rice dishes for Holiday season

Timbale with stone bass

rice pie with stone bass

Stone bass meat is worked as little fishballs and then cooked in tomato sauce. Spinach risotto lines a mold and is filled with these fishballs. Beautiful to see and tasty to eat.

Timbale with lentils

Baked rice with lentils

This is a vegetarian recipe but you can add sausage, if desired. I think it is a perfect choice for your New Year's Eve dinner party. In fact, you can prepare it in advance.

Baked rice dish wrapped in raw ham

Baked rice flavored with ham

This is one of those recipes you learn at home at the time of adolescence, which comes in handy when you have a lot of guests and the problem to organize yourself can become really obsessive. Just use a quality of rice that does not overcook. Prepare a simple risotto without tomato. Spoon it on a baking sheet lined with ham and turn the oven on when your guests arrive or a little later depending on what you have planned to serve before rice dish. What do you think about?

Mushroom and prawn risotto

Risotto with shrimps and mushrooms

This is a recipe for people who like simple to do but tasty dishes. Do you know how good prawns and mushrooms are if combined together?

Rice pie with goose salami

Do you know goose salami? this is a typical food in Piedmont. It's very tasty and works very wellwith rice. Try it! It's easy to buy goose salami online.

Risotto with potatoes, chicken and black truffle

Risotto, Italian style cookedwith chicken and sprinkled with black truffle

Just a sprinkling of black truffle is enough to make a simple risotto with chicken and potato a fantastic dish for your Holiday season menu. And you'll need very little truffle, so this dish has a very affordable cost.

Mushroom risotto

Italian mushroom risotto

Some might argue if a simple mushroom risotto can be chosen for Christmas or New Year's Eve dinner party. I say yes because it all depends on how you cook it and what ingredients you use. Meat broth must be very good with meat simmered for a long time. Saffron must be in pistils and mushrooms of good quality ;)

White grape risotto

Risotto flavored with white grappes

This is a very simple to do risotto. A winning choice if you have to serve a lot of dishes. Read more on the page to use the right cheese too.

Risotto flavored with sparkling wine

Sparkling wine risotto

Someone could think it is too simple, with very few ingredients but ... have you ever tested it with smoked salmon cut into thin strips, added just before turning off the stove? ;))

Christmas risotto

Christmas risotto

Here are its ingredients: sausage, dried porcini mushrooms, chestnuts ... mouth-watering, for sure!

Risotto with smoked sturgeon

smoked sturgeon risotto dish

I can find smoked sturgeon especially at Christmastime so it is a special dish for me. I combine it with Jerusalem artichokes and zucchini. It is worth it even if zucchini are not in season!