Themed dinner menus

Full menu for Holiday Season with fish and meat

photos of the full menu based on fish and meat  for Christmastime
Holiday Season full menu, Italian style

Holiday Season Menu Plan

Italian Holiday Season full dinner menu with antipasto, risotto, fish dish, lemon sorbet, meat dish and dessert.


  • - This menu is very rich in dishes. You'll use a lot of ingredients from fish to meat and vegetables. It's ideal to wait for midnight at New Yer's Eve according to the most authentic Italian style.
  • - Most of its dishes can be prepared ahead, risotto excluded! If you want to enjoy your guests and do not spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you could replace it with smoked eel tagliatelle that does not require a lot of time.
  • - Serving lemon sorbet after the grouper dish is important to clean your guests' mouth before the flavor of meat ;))
  • - Duck breast cooked in pomegranate juice tastes fantastic! It is worth a try!
  • - Looking for other Italian traditional cake recipes?
  • - Match bubbles to all my recipes but remember to serve sweet sparkling wine with dessert!