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Italian light menu with risotto and rabbit

low fat menu, Italian style
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Italian light menu with risotto and rabbit

Menu plan

Italian light menu with sparkling risotto and orange rabbit


  • - You can prepare this menu when your guests have to eat low fat dishes. Besides it's a complete menu and so it's the ideal when you have to celebrate a special occasion. Perfect season: winter and early spring.
  • - Raw vegetables can mean carrots, celery, leeks, cherry tomatoes, celeriac and all that you want =_^
  • - You can also serve a simple seasonal green salad to accompany rabbit.
  • - You can substitute pineapple with a fruit salad, a sorbet or an ice-cream without sugar.
  • - The perfect wine to pair is Prosecco di Conegliano Valdobbiadene Cartizze or another Italian prosecco. In fact prosecco is the wine for risotto too.