Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

Beef meat is very tasty and is suitable for a lot of Italian recipes, well known all over the world! You can make pot roast but you can grill, bake, boil it ... Unluckily it is rich in fat and so you should not add other animal fats in the cooking according to the most recent researches in human health.

Beef recipes, listed according to their ingredients or cooking method

stew, Tuscan-style

Beef stew, Tuscan-style

This dish is very simple and belongs to the tradition of the most typical Tuscan cuisine, especially in areas where the Chianina breed is reared. The ingredients are: shoulder cut of beef, some herbs including the onion, celery, garlic, rosemary and carrot and then fresh tomatoes and olive oil.

Braise (Italian brasato)

Braised beef

The brasato is a dish of the Italian cuisine. The meat is marinated in red wine with lots of vegetables and herbs and then cooked slowly in the same wine used for marinating. The brasato is great with polenta or with side dishes made with winter vegetables or potatoes.

Braised cheeks accompanied by Jerusalem artichokes

Braised beef cheeks accompanied by Jerusalem artichokes

In the years of unbridled consumerism, we are used to take no more into account the poor cuts of meat. So several pieces of slaughtered animals have become unattractive. But the cheeks are really very good, unmissable!

Cabbage rolls, Piedmont-style

Cabbage rolls, Piedmont-style

Really good! People who live in Piedmont are used to make them when they have leftovers of meat or salami in Holiday Season or any other holiday in winter. Enjoy them sipping a glass of red wine!

Goulash, Trieste-style

Goulash, Trieste-style

There are many recipes for goulash. This is the recipe from Trieste, which is derived from the Hungarian version. Trieste was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then absorbed much of its culinary traditions.

boiled and marinated (carpione)

Marinated boiled beef (carpione beef)

Cold dish that you can prepare in advance. Serve it especially as a starter in a full menu, a course in a meal, buffet-style, or as a main dish in your family menu in summer. It is an excellent solution if you have any boiled meat left.

Boiled, in tomato sauce

This is an ideal dish when you have leftovers of boiled meat of any kind (turkey, capon, beef, veal ...). Boiled meat is sometimes made only to use the broth immediately, but it is not always appreciated or loved. It is sometimes a little chewy; children often do not like it. What to do? Here is the answer!

Pot roast in tomato sauce

Pot roast  beef  in tomato sauce

How to make a great soft roast that can be easily cut? This is a question that most of us, home cooks, makes when we organize an important lunch or dinner.
The answer can be found in this exclusive recipe of mine. It is good and scenographic!

Roast (served rare)

Roast beef

Very tasty meat dish. Its success depends on many factors including in particular the choice of the meat cut. It must be well hung and big enough so you can cut some nice slices. You can cook it in the oven, on a spit or even fired. Be careful to follow the instructions well!

Simple rolls

Simple beef rolls

These roulades made with beef slices rolled around frittata are easy to make. Even people who are not adept in the cooking art can make them. And they are really good! You can find all tips about right purchases, paired wine and calories too.

Boiled, Italy-style

Simple poached beef, Italy-style

It is made by placing a large piece of meat (beef rump or brisket) directly into the cold water with some vegetables that traditionally are carrots, celery and onion. The cooking is slow, on low heat.

Steak tartare

Steak tartare

This is a traditional recipe of northern France but is now widespread throughout the world.
The dish is very simple except for the preparation of the meat that should be cut with the tip of the knife, neither ground nor pureed.

Stuffed beef pocket

stuffed beef pocket accompanied by green salad

This is a typical Italian dish we make when there is something important to celebrate. It seems difficult to do but you have only to follow my directions ;)

Stuffed roast roll

Stuffed roast roll

Typical Sicilian recipe and great main dish. It is called farsumagru in Sicilian ;)) This is a rolled roast with a delicious filling made of sausage, bacon, cheese and herbs.

Mediterranean meat and cabbage pie

Cabbage and meat pie

Generally, I serve this pie in autumn and winter when cabbage is in season but recently I have prepared it in advance and served at room temperature in spring. It was successful, for sure ;))

Summer salad

Summer beef salad

Cold dish you can prepare very quickly. You have only to sear your meat in the pan and add it to vegetables.

Surprise meatballs

This is a recipe of mine. Rather small, everyone hides a quail egg. They are good finger foods for your happy hour at home (aperitivo) or a tasty appetizer in a typical antipasto platter, Italy-style. Imagine them served accompanied by a few slices of salami and a tasty bruschetta ... They are good hot or cold