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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Dedicated to ...

Christmas 2014: recipes, decorations ...

Dedicate to ... Christmas

Christmas 2014 in Italy: decorations, gift ideas, recipes, menus, table setting and stories

What will be fashionable this year?

  • - I believe that people struggling with the decorations for shops, restaurants ... may have the greatest curiosity, but also who is keen of trendy touches in his house ;) Trendy ideas for Christmas 2014

New decoration ideas

  • - Indoor and outdoor ornaments, handmade decorations, craft ideas for children, new Christmas trees ... This page will change continuously until Christmas, so ... come and see us often ;))

Xmas balls, jewel-style

Christmas balls decorated by hand with pearls, beads and sequins

If you like personalized decorations, this is for you! It is not expensive if you have pearls, beads and sequins at home ...

Ceiling Advent wreath with pink ornaments

Pink ceiling advent wreath

I really like the Advent wreaths, hanging on the door, wall or from the ceiling. It is the latest trend, including color!



This is very simple and quick to do. I chose silk magnolia flowers but you could work with other kind of flowers. The best thing would be to use old silk flowers that surely renew their life ...

Christmas decorated basket

decorated basket

If you have old Christmas decorations to recycle and replace, do not throw them away. Put them in an old basket or a wooden box. Fashionable!

The same pine garland for different centerpieces

Centerpieces ideas with pine garland

I always enjoy giving new life to my old stuffs. This is the case of this garland: 80cm (31.5in) long and quite thick. Different colors and shapes for many uses. Have a look ;)

Gift boxes, jewel-style

hand decorated little boxes to hide Christmas gifts

If you have a very special gift, small in size, you must also think about its wrapping. It is not said that a special gift has to be also expensive. And if you close it in a hand decorated box, it becomes double!

Pine branch with golden decorations

Pine branch with golden stuff for Holiday season door or wall

Easy and very quick to do. Ideal for people who like embellishing their house or office. The only dfficulty is to choose the golden stuff correctly. Read more on the page.

Silk flowers and beads

Silk flowers and beads

The combination of silk flowers and beads is very beautiful and fashionable. In the page you can find two handmade decorations with different colors that will enhance your furniture.

Italian panettone (Christmas bread)

  • - Making panettone at home has become fashionable recently in Italy. Do not believe people who tell you it's simple. It takes a lot of patience. In other words, the panettone is a star who wants a lot of attention. Here are the results of my experience. All the versions are listed according to the leavening method or used flour.

With dried sourdough

freshly baked panettone made with sourdough

Panettone was born in Milan. The authentic recipe requires the sourdough method. Fresh yeast is now more used only to speed the leavening but it modifies its real taste. In this version I use dried sourdough on sale in Italy.

With emmer flour

panettone made with wholemeal emmer flour

This is a recipe of which I am particularly proud. Dedicated to those who love to eat healthy with organic ingredients, whole wheat flour, honey instead of sugar and dried fruit instead of candy.

With fresh yeast

sliced panettone, made with fresh yeast

If you do not find sourdough, here's the version with fresh yeast (called also brewer's yeast). It's a long to do recipe. More leavenings make you use less yeast and do not feel its typical acid aftertaste. This recipe was tested by a chef who works for Martha Stewart and said it is very good :))

Mistakes to avoid

making panettone at home

To get three different recipes for this Italian Xmas bread, I have made many tests as you can imagine, and I have also collected numerous errors. I tried to make a list to help you get a soft tasty sweet on your first try.

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