Themed dinner menus

Planning a party for our children

If you want to plan a party for your child according to the Italian style, you have to think about setting the table in a colored way and cooking some dishes of the most authentic traditions from Italy.
To set the table in a colored way is very easy; don't use table cloth but large sheets of different colored paper. Arrange them on a thick flannel in order to protect your table. You can choose pastel colors if the special occasion is the First Holy Communion or The Confirmation; you can choose brilliant colors if you have to celebrate a birthday.
We thought about a series of dishes that you can prepare in advance, the day before, or some hours before the beginning of the party. For example you can prepare salt cookies, apple tart, chocolate cake and sponge cake the day before; while you have to prepare pizzas and dishes with cherries and fill your cake some hours before. If you don't find cherries, you can prepare a fruit salad and skewers with grape fruit and cheese. You can also find other ideas consulting our appetizers. If you want other recipes about desserts you can look at our pages of cakes.
The recipes we chose are liked by the children: pizza, cookies, cakes. You can cut them into small portions and so children can help themselves easily.
If you have some questions, email us!