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Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Themed Dinner menu

One-plate meal for Christmas

This year we propose a single course for Christmas as an alternative to the traditional menu rich in courses, calories, fat ...
More and more people are exasperated by a long menu with a great number of courses but the same people would like eating something special on Christmas day.
So we've thought of preparing a lot of tidbits that you can offer in the same serving plate. Besides it's very useful for the hostess that is no more obliged to leave the table non-stop to serve the different courses.

We propose three different menus for people who like meat or fish or for people who loves vegetarian diet.

Single course with meat

A great variety of appetizers

Orange-flavoured duck with chestnuts
Spinach & ricotta cheese flans
Cornmeal slices with different sauces
Deep-fried vegetables

Assorted dried and fresh fruit

Christmas cake

Suggested wine
Prosecco di Conegliano
Valdobbiadene Cartizze
(Italian sparkling wine)

Passito di Pantelleria
(Italian dessert wine)


You'll be able to find a lot of appetizers in the pages dedicated to them. Choose them according to your taste.
In the photo you can see the different recipes we propose. The quantity is limited because we wanted to show every recipe but you can increase every portion.
The ingredients are the classic ingredients on the Christmas table: the duck, chestnuts, truffle, deep-fried vegetables, mustard ... according to the Italian style.
The cormeal slices are made in this way. Prepare the polenta in advance following the instructions on the package. Cut it into slices when cool. Grill the slices and then spread them with fresh black truffle (grated and covered with olive oil) or with an orange-flavoured creamy mustard.
Complete your meal with a great variety of fresh and dried fruit and with the traditional Italian cakes. If you want, you can serve mascarpone sprinkled with cocoa before the fruit.
We suggest a very good sparkling wine for your meal. Serve the dessert wine with the cakes.

Single course with fish

Assorted appetizers

Smoked salmon roulades
Smoked swordfish cylinders
Turnip top & prawn tail flans
Cardoon pie
Fish in puff pastry

Assorted fresh and dried fruit

Christmas cakes

Suggested wine
Vernaccia di Oristano
(white wine from Sardinia)

Lemon or orange-flavoured liqueur


We can suggest, among the appetizers, assorted dainty canapés, black & green olives, Italy- style, fried aromatic herbs and little pieces of pizza with courgettes and smoked salmon.
Prepare the smoked salmon roulades in this way. Make the filling with broccoli. Steam the broccoli, mash them with the fork and flavour them in a pan together with anchovies in oil, capers in vinegar, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Spread this mixture on the smoked salmon slices and roll them up. The roulades are ready! .
The smoked swordfish cylinders are easier. Spread some flavoured-orange creamy moustard on the fish slices and roll them up.They are ready! The recipe is easy and quick but these cylinders are very tasty!
The cardoon pie is laborious but it is worth the effort! You can prepare it in advance.
If you prefer traditional menus we have other suggestions

Vegetarian single course

Assorted appetizers

Tofu & mushroom cutlets
Pepper roulades
Pastry pie filled with leaf cabbage and chestnuts
Chick pea and broccoli pie
decorated with black truffle
Deep-fried vegetables
Savoy cabbage rolls

Assorted fresh and dried fruit

Orange charlotte
Pineapple & kiwi salad

Suggested wine
Cirò rosato
(Rosè wine from Italy)

(Dessert wine from Liguria-Italy)


Serve the same wine from the appetizers to the fruit and a dessert wine at the end.
Among the appetizers we suggest: black & green olives, little bruschetta with tomato and garlic , kebabs of assorted vegetables or fruit, canapés with grated black truffle, pieces of cornmeal flat bread with onions and cherry tomatoes ...
The most important ingredients we've used for these recipes are: the duck, chestnuts, oranges, truffle, mushrooms, porcini, tofu, chick peas, broccoli, leaf cabbage ... All the recipes are simple but very tasty. Use puff pastry with vegetable fat for the pie with leaf cabbage if you have a vegetarian diet with no eggs and milk.
Complete your meal with our desserts. You have to prepare the orange charlotte in advance. The pineapple and kiwi salad is very tasty and beautiful, very coloured!

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