Loretta Sebastiani

By: Loretta Sebastiani

The question is: what's the best season to prepare and eat a cold starter made with fish, crustaceans and molluscs? almost all year round, without any distinction between winter and summer months even if everyone prefers them when it's hot.

Our tested recipes

Assorted fish antipasto platter

Fish platter to start a typical Italian menu

Polenta slices topped with anchovies in oil, salt cod sauce and prawns. All these tidbits are combined with swordfish carpaccio and salmon. What about it?

Anchovies in green sauce

anchovies in green sauce

Cold dish. You have to serve them with other tasteful fish tidbits.
It's a very simple recipe to do at home as long as you have fresh ingredients, especially anchovies.

Boiled stockfish, Venetian-style

stockfish dish as starter, cold

This stockfish dish is very simple to do but tasty. It's ideal to start every fish menu all year round. You can combine it to many other dishes based on fish. I often prepare it for my Christmas Eve dinner menu

Italian assorted raw seafood platter

seafood crudités with tuna and shrimps

Are you seafood lovers? do you like crudités? here's the recipe for you! Its ingredients? fresh tuna, scampi and prawns.

King prawns salad with black truffle

king prawns in cold salad

It's extraordinary the combination between black truffle and prawns. My recipe is simple but delicious. This salad can be served with scallops and sliced fish, in brine or smoked. However it's great in many other combinations.

Marinated raw anchovies

marinated raw anchovies

This is a typical recipe of traditional Italian cuisine, particularly Sicilian cuisine. Marinated raw anchovies are very tasty but you have to use very fresh, fleshy, good-quality blue fish.

Raw oysters

raw oysters, how to serve them

Serve oysters on a bed of ice accompanying them with lemon slices and freshly ground pepper. Everyone will be able to season oysters according to his own taste.

Salmon Carpaccio

carpaccio of fresh salmon

This is a perfect solution for a seafood antipasto (Italian starter) all year round. The only problem is to find very fresh salmon.

Soused fish or fried & marinated fish

carpione fish, Italian style

Fried and marinated fish (carpione) is another classic Italian dish for Christmas and all year round. The recipe is not difficult to do and is suitable to be served together with other fish appetizers.