Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian cold vegetarian appetizers

Vegetarian appetizers are often discarded planning a full menu and it is a mistake because among them there are some of the most traditional, best starters. Just think about seasoned olives! Look how inviting are the olives in the photo!

dressed green and black olives
Seasoned green and black olives

Serving cold vegetarian appetizers

What are the most traditional recipes in Italy? At first I want to remember you vegetables in olive oil: artichokes, hot peppers filled with tuna, sweet and sour peppers, mushrooms ...
Then olives. Green and black olives, seasoned or not, are not to be missed!
Grilled vegetables, caponata, stuffed tomatoes with other vegetables have been served to me in many occasions.
What about panzanella?
And then fruit which ultimately has a place of honor. Just think of orange salad! Not to mention some delicacies like Parmesan cheese ice cream, celery stuffed with blue cheese, herbal tomini, goat cheese accompanied by jam ...
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Our tested recipes

“Bella Rosina” eggs

Bella Rosina eggs, hard-boiled aggs garnished with their yolks

Bella Rosina eggs is a typical appetizer from Piedmont, born in the nineteenth century during Italian Risorgimento. To prepare them you'll need two ingredients: hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise. And just a little patience to put egg yolk through a food mill and distribute it on whites as you can see in the photo.

Canned artichokes in olive oil recipe

preserved artichokes in oil in a plate

I still remember the taste that had canned artichokes made my mother! I have jealously preserved her recipe. I must say that all my guests find them exceptional. I make a few jars every year and open one at a time only on our special occasions. Just as it was made once ;))

Delicate Russian salad

Russian salad, Italy-style

This is the version of Russian salad I learnt from my mother and I have been making for years. It's easy and quick to do. I share with you a secret: it is not only a starter but a perfect side dish for your roast meat :))

Dressing black & green olives, Italy-style

green and black olives, seasoned

These olives are dressed with typical Mediterranean ingredients (onions, garlic, olive oil and oregano) but there is also red hot chilli pepper and some drops of vinegar if you want to compare this version with Spanish version.

Olives, Madrid-style

May olives be missing in a starter, Mediterranean style? Never :)) Seasoned with paprika, onions, garlic and oregano.

Orange salad

orange salad with two different dressings

Orange salad is the best choice to accompany an assorted fatty cold cuts platter or an assortment of smoked fish, finely sliced. You can serve it with veal patè too as a refined entree.

Parmesan ice-cream

Parmesan ice cream is a real treat. It accompanies well many cold meats and can be served in all seasons, sliced or cubed. It is a recipe from Piedmont

Sicilian caponata or eggplant relish

Sicilian caponata made with eggplants (aubergines)

Sicilian caponata is a typical Italian starter made only with vegetables that a lot of people like. This dish is to be taken into consideration when you have to plan a dinner with vegetarian or vegan guests too. I always include vegetarian dishes in my menus in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Nowadays vegetarians are more and more.

Tomatoes filled with assorted vegetables

Tomatoes filled with assorted vegetables

Do-ahead recipe for summer menus. Fill tomatoes with the vegetables you prefer and bake. You can eat them cold too.

Tomatoes filled with pineapple & walnuts

Fruit stuffed tomatoes

What's the best time to serve them? summer, when tomatoes are ripe. Their filling is made with pineapple and walnuts. They are a real treat for anyone who loves fruits and vegetables. But they can also accompany an assorted platter of cold cuts. Indeed, they mitigate the intense flavor of cold cuts not forcing you to serve a tastier dish, after.

Tuscan panzanella or marinated bread salad

Tuscan panzanella

Panzanella can be a great main dish or an inviting appetizer in summer. The difference is in its serving. Serve it in a bowl in small quantities to accompany cold cuts or fish carpaccio as a starter. A real pleasure ...