Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian Xmas recipes: seafood dishes

Italian tables for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve are filled with fish dishes according to the local traditions or family habits. Few people can give up salmon, clams, codfish ... or simplier a seafood salad. Fish appears in appetizers, pasta or rice and in main dish. Having roots all over Italy, in my life I have absorbed many customs that can befound in the recipes that I'm going to suggest.

citrus flavoredamberjack on white platter
Amberjack flavored with citrus juice

These are the common questions people ask to me if they want to plan a only-fish Christmas menu, Italy-style: what fish do you Italians choose? what fish is better to avoid? does everyone like eel? is it better smoked or natural? what is the best fish for holidays, baked or fried? it is good to combine fish and fruit in cooking? can I serve raw fish?
I always try to propose recipes that meet the taste of all. Not too elaborate dinner parties, especially in the Christmas and New Year's menus already full of heavy ingredients. Besides our Italian traditions make us prepare codfish ... but I recommend you ... just a taste!
Avoid raw fish, as much as possible. Much better!
In any case choose a rich assortment of fish to please everyone unless you are absolutely sure of everyone's tastes.
Also avoid excess of thorns.
Finally, if you prepare shellfish, remember to serve it well not to embarrass your guests: a few shells! In every recipe you'llbe able to find the appropriate tips.

Seafood recipes for Holiday season

Delicate sturgeon

Sturgeon meat is very delicate. I prefer to cook it without adding ingredients that can cover up its flavor. Hence the name of my recipe.

Salt cod, Basilicata style

Italian baccalĂ , stewed in the pot

Salt cod is the traditional Christmas Eve dish in many Italian regions. This is one of the versions of Basilicata. The fish is cooked in the pot (crock pot) with raisins and black olives.

Dried cod, Mammola style

Salt cod recipe from Calabria

This is an authentic recipe for dried cod that a great friend of us, living in Calabria, sent us. Try it, it is worth.

Salt cod, Florence style

Salt codfish,Florence recipe

Codfish is cooked very well everywhere in Italy, Tuscany included. If you think it is not caught in the Mediterranean sea ... ;))

Salted Codfish, Venetian style

Salt codfish boiled and dressed, Venetian style

If you love light recipes for Italian baccalĂ , I suggest this one. My husband and I love it very much and serve it as antipasto too. Venetian recipe.

Salt Cod stew, Sicily style

Agghiotta salt codfish

Now we are in Sicily where codfish is cooked together with pine nuts, raisins, capers, tomatoes, potates ... Obviously, for all the recipes with codfish the rule is that if you should eat a little piece in a Christmas dinner party and so the doses are enough for many more people than those suggested in the page.

Salt Cod stew, Friuli style

Salt codfish stew with raisins and pine nuts without tomatoes

I can not miss Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the land where I was born, in the north of Italy. This dish is very famous. Rich in spices (cinnamon and nutmeg), pine nuts, raisins, anchovies, sugar ...

Grouper fillets flavored with citrus juice

The grouper is a refined fish in Italy, so it is very expensive. Its flesh is very tasty. My husband and I love it very much soaked with clementine or tangerine juice (depending on the season) and than flavored with orange oil. A gluttony that is very comfortable on the Holiday table.

Sea bream with olives

Orata alle olive

Sea bream fillets are cooked in a pan together with green and black olives.
Easy and quick to do recipe but tasty.

Amberjack cooked in citrus juice

Amberjack stewin clementine and leon juice

Clementine, lemon and limoncello liqueur ... if you are curious, take a look at my recipe. I think it is an extraordinary dish especially for dinner parties. In fact it is a delicate dish you can combine with other seafood recipes easily.

Turbot fillet roll

turbot fillet rolled

I like this recipe very much. It is unique, a dish of mine my guests ask to me very often. Turbot fillet is rolled around salmon and broccoli filling. What about?

Salmon, Scandinavian style

Salmon is undoubtedly one of the most loved fish over the Christmas period. This recipe comes directly from the customs of the north of Europe but we Italians appreciate it lot.

Baked salmon

I teach you how to make baked salmon. Very easy to do. Salmon meat is very tasty and so it is simple to cook in this way.

Red wine flavored salmon

Salmon flavored with red wine

The salmon in red wine is a very quick recipe of mine that will make your life easier. It tastes fantastic! ;)

Tuna, Alghero style

Tuna flavored with Sardinian wine

Think of tuna steaks cooked with olives and flavored with Vermentino wine :)) What about it?

Seafood salad

seafood saladin a white bowl

Seafood salad is a very versatile dish. High demand for a dinner party, Italy style. You can serve it as a starter or in an assorted fish platter. The choice is yours.

Orange-flavored prawns

Prawns flavored with orangejuice

This is a very easy to do recipe that I serve as antipasto in many occasions, Christmas dinner parties too.

Octopus salad

octopus salad

This is a very tasty recipe that you can combine with many other seafood dishes!

Clam chowder

clam chowder

We Italians are really crazy for clams. We eat them all year round but they are our favorite shellfish for holiday season. In any recipe ;))

Grilled scallops

grilled scallops

Try it. It is definitely good. I often use this dish to break the rhythm of the traditional menu. A good nibble after the first course and before the second course!

Scallops with dried apricots

Scallops with dried apricots

This is another special recipe for Holiday season and your special occasions too. Try it!

Refined seafood chowder

Its ingredients? very special. Refined fish, shitake mushrooms, chestnuts and couscous ... what about it?