Themed dinner menus

A refined menu for a ceremony

This menu is suitable for celebrating a special occasion, such as a ceremony (wedding ...) and it's an excellent but delicate lunch according to the traditions from Italy. It's composed by a cocktail, antipasto, two first courses (pasta and risotto), two second courses served with different side dishes, a variety of cheese (remember to serve them at lunch and not at dinner), a cake and fresh fruit.

Ingredients and flavors are delicate and this menu can be dedicated to children too. Remember that if you have children as guests, you must add non-alcoholic drinks for them; naturally there may be teetotal too. You can serve it in every season because you can find all the ingredients without problems every month.
If you want to realize it at home, remember that some operations can be made in advance but it would be better to have an help in kitchen in any way. You can prepare the day before salt cookies (you'll garnish them few hours before serving), assorted vegetables pie, veal patè, and fruit tart; you could begin cooking pheasant and finish it just before serving. You could set the table for the lunch, the table for cocktail and flowers decorations.
In the same morning in which you celebrate your special occasion, you have to realize pan brioche (it would be the best thing but you could prepare it the day before and then heat just minutes before serving), wash salad, prepare the dressings for salad and sturgeon, prepare court-bouillon for sturgeon, cook pizza and baked omelette and cut them, boil and peel quail eggs, cook the dressing for pasta in the saucepan and prepare the other one in a bowl, prepare the saucepan for risotto with oil and other ingredients and weigh rice and finally roll up potatoes in foil. You have to prepare serving platters with veal patè and pan brioche and other serving platters with cold cuts and slices of assorted vegetables pie; so you have antipasto ready to be served.
When guests arrive they have to find cocktails ready with pizza and omelette cut into little pieces, and garnished cookies; you have to arrange all these appetizers in serving platters in a little table apart from the table set for the occasion. Add glasses for cocktails and paper napkins. Guests have to sit at table for antipasto and other courses only after drinking cocktail.
While your guests are setting at table for antipasto, prepare water for boiling pasta. At the end of antipasto cook pasta; it's necessary only 6-8 minutes for this operation. Meanwhile begin baking potatoes. A little break between a course and another one is important. Guests can talk about various subjects and the atmosphere gets better and better. While people are eating pasta, you have to prepare risotto; it isn't necessary you stay in kitchen all the time but, as we said before, an help would be important. It would allow you to enjoy the party. While you are making risotto, you have to bring to the boil court-bouillon for cooking sturgeon. After first courses take a longer break; it's necessary for peeling and cubing apples, dressing salad and sturgeon after arranging it on small trays. The next step, after another break, is heating pheasant, putting on a serving dish and garnishing with wild berries. Take away potatoes from the oven and serve this course too.
At the end serve cheeses, fruit and cake.
Another important thing is to calculate the doses for the different recipes. You have to consider that this menu is rich in courses and so every portion must be very little. If a recipe serves 4 people, consider 8-10. But if you have any problem in this operation or in planning your party, email us, please!
Another suggestion for wines. You could accompany all the menu with an Italian Prosecco and serve after the cake a dessert wine.