Guideline to Xmas decorations

How to choose stuffs and shape and match colors for your Christmas decoration


natural centrepiece
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Natural centrepiece

If you want to realize a Christmas decoration you have to answer some questions.

Do you like decorations made with natural stuffs or prefer sparkling decorations?
What is the right color for Christmas according to you?

The first answer is the most important choice. If you like natural stuffs, dried or fresh, you must add no sparkling, supercolored or glittering ornaments to your decoration. Choose fresh pine, holly, butcher's broom, mistletoe, berries of different kind, pieces of chinnamon, slices of dried orange, candles, material ribbons. You can see an example in the photo where there is a centerpiece for a natural Christmas table.
You can prepare a lot of Christmas decorations with this kind of stuffs: centerpieces, garlands, wreaths, Christmas trees, placecards.

christmas centerpiece
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Christmas centerpiece

If you prefer glittering decorations, you can take your pick among the most glittering, sparkling and colored ornaments.
But what is the right colour? Blue and silver, red and gold, pink and silver, orange and gold or a lot of colors?
In Italy we have a lot of shops that prepare many corners, each one dedicated to a single color. So we have the opportunity to choose what we prefer and what we can combine well with the ornaments of the previous years.
It's impossible to buy a lot of ornaments every year and, when holiday season is finished, throw away everything. And then ... one of the most beautiful thing is to open old boxes and pull ribbons, Christmas balls, elfs, angels, butterflies ... out of them; isn't it?
Now I'm going to show you some examples with different colors.

Christmas decoration
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Christmas decoration

If Christmas is red for you, think about the other colors you can match well.
Is your table-cloth white? What's the best centerpiece? Arrange some red Christmas balls, red silk roses and white balls on a platter that must be different from the table-cloth. Look at the photo!

Do you prefer pink or purple? Look at the photo!
I placed some pink and purple crystal grapes, pink poinsettias, blue and other flowers on a golden-painted old fruitstand.

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Christmas table

Do you want to remember snow purity? White is your color!
In this example I used a platter made with white little crystals and decorated with golden touches. I arranged some white ornaments on it: silk roses with golden edges and Christmas balls made with cotton wool and tied with a thin golden yarn.

If you prefer orange, you can combine it with gold. You have to combine ornaments with other colors in order to avoid your decoration is too monotonous: red and green for example.
I used a platter made with green little crystals and put these ornaments on it: artificial red & orange apples, some pine cones, golden apples, a green butterfly ... Look at the photo for more details.

Then there is another problem: what is the best shape?
I'm going to give you some tips.

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Rustic Christmas table

Let's begin with the centerpiece.
At first you have to pair the colors of centerpiece with your table-cloth, china set and cutlery.
Then it must not be too bulky or high; your guests must be able to look at each other when they are talking. All must be very well-proportioned.
Don't use fragrant candles; they are fashionable but their scent modifies food smell.
It's a beatiful idea a candle Christmas house.

You have to adobe your main door: are there alternative ideas to the classic wreath? The classic wreath must be substituted by fresh pine decorated with various ornaments, stylized Christmas tree, Advent calendar (until Christmas day) or a beautiful pannier.

Do you want to decorate your table? You could prepare a stylized Christmas floral arrangement or a rich bouquet in a vase or Italian cornucopia.
Other ideas for other pieces of furniture: a decoration made with bamboo canes and flowers, stylized branches with white silk flowers or a decorated bundle of twigs.