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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Authentic Italian Cooking

Easy-to-eat appetizer
and finger food ideas

Planning a party for a special event? In the next pages you'll be able to find a lot of traditional and new easy-to-eat appetizers and finger food, Italy-style. If you want to impress your guests, read these recipes.
italian finger food or appetizers, Italy-style starters
Easy-to-eat appetizers or finger food

Italian appetizer and finger food ideas

Finger food is the obliged choice when we are planning a cocktail-party, a coffee-break, a children party ... in other words a meal, buffet-style.

Easy-to-eat appetizers are perfect for a seated lunch or dinner party too.
Imagine to serve delicious tidbits matched with a cocktail or a glass of wine while your guests are waiting for the magic words: all at table, lunch is served!

Any problem? !

All published recipes were tested in our kitchen. I am the cook and my husband Carlo the photographer. You can find examples of Italian cuisine or new recipes created by me.

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Italian appetizers and finger food recipe ideas

Appetizers on round loaf

appetizer on round loaf

Assorted skewers made with salami, prawns and fruits are very tasty finger food you can serve to start an alfresco dinner or a get-together with your friends or a celebration menu. What about for an aperitif, Italian-style? A summer recipe of mine.

Assorted fry with artichokes, sage and mint leaves

Assorted fry with artichokes, sage and mint leaves

A Sunday of May. An important birthday to celebrate. The reason why I created this delicious recipe: fried artichokes, sage and mint leaves. Serve them as easy-to-eat appetizers to start a lunch or dinner party or tidbits in a buffet. A spring summer recipe of mine.

Cherries and cheese on skewers

Cherries and cheese on skewers

Do you know cherries are ideal for salty recipes too? These skewers are colourful and tasty. Easy-to-eat and nice-to-see appetizers.
Traditional Italian recipe.

Skewers with salami, prawns and cherries

Cherries and cheese on skewers

You have just read how cherries can be used for salty recipes. Here's another example. Irresistible finger food, ieal for a lot of occasions, formal too. A summer recipe of mine.

Focaccia appetizers

Focaccia finger foods

Do you like Italian focaccia? well. You can stuff focaccia with tasty ingredients and then cut it into pieces. Is there anything tastier than these appetizers?
Traditional Italian recipe

Fava beans and pecorino cheese

Fava beans and Italian pecorino

Fava beans and Pecorino cheese is one of the most known spring appetizers in the centre of Italy. No cooking recipe for your picnic, or snack with friends in the afternoon, or easy-to-eat appetizer to start a get together. Read how to prepare and serve fava beans and pecorino cheese.
Traditional Italian recipe

Fried aromatic herbs

Fried aromatic herbs that is sage and parsley is an excellent easy-to-eat appetizer while standing. You can serve it before a lunch or dinner with a good glass of wine. A tasty starter in other words to make when parsley and sage are in season. It's a summer appetizer.
Traditional Italian recipe.

Fried stuffed olives, Ascolana style

Deep fried stuffed olives, Italian-style

Ascolana olives is a tasty street food in Italy, or a delicous appetizer for an assorted antipasto platter as you can see in the photo but a finger food too for all your parties if you have to plan a cold or hot buffet.
Test this recipe for homemade fried and stuffed olives. They're delicious.
Traditional Italian recipe from Marches.

Grapes and cheese on skewers

Grapes and cheese on skewers

Easy-to-eat appetizers for your buffet party. Ideal for your last BBQ in September too.
Traditional Italian recipe.

Little meatballs and vegetables on skewers

Meatballs and vegetables on skewers

Skewered meatballs is an exclusive appetizer recipe idea for your BBQ or buffet or alfresco dinner. A recipe of mine. Meatballs and sweet & sour vegetables on skewers can be prepared easily at home just before serving.

Orange-flavored prawns

prawns and oranges

Easy-to-do but very tasty dish. I created this recipe for a special occasion and my guests were very impressed. Serve them on the skewers as finger food or easy-to-eat appetizers.

Rocket-and-mozzarella piadina

Italian piadina stuffed with arugula and mozzarella

Italian piadina is a delicious one-plate meal but cut into slices it can be a tasty finger food in your buffet party or simply-to-do appetizers to start your full menu, Italian-style enjoying a glass of wine before sitting at table.
Traditional Italian recipe.

Scallops with dried apricots

scallops and dried apricots

Have you ever tested scallpos combined with fruit? excellent pairing and tasty fineger food in this case :))

Skewers with baby pineapple and speck ham

Skewers with baby pineapple and speck ham

These kebabs are ideal for your meals, buffet-style or get-togethers in all seasons. Perfect for a picnic outdoors. I prefer bay pineapple to "great version" for it is often more mature and fragrant.

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