Authentic Italian Cooking


  • Beccafico sardines
  • Boiled stockfish, Venetian-style
  • Fried sardines in sweet and sour sauce
  • Salmon carpaccio
  • Salt cod stew, capuchin-style
  • Stewed monkfish, Marches-style
  • Ghiotta swordfish
  • Boiled stockfish, Venetian-style
  • Polenta topped with stewed salt cod
  • Sautéed fresh tuna
  • Steamed salmon fillets
  • Stew stockfish with potatoes, tomatoes, raisins and pine nuts


    Sea fish is better than freshwater fish for balanced and healthy eating.
    We should choose sea fish many times in a week if our aim is to eat low fat recipes and save-the-heart food.
    There are a lot of recipes and various ways for cooking sea fish.
    Italy, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, has a great tradition of delicious seafood.
    Sea fish can be poached, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried, grilled, barbecued or baked.
    It can be used in fillings, mousses, patés and terrines or as main ingredient for pasta sauce, risotto, appetizers.
    Another freat thing about sea fish: it cooks quickly!

    Traditional Italian seafood recipes

    Our original home cooking: seafood main dish

    Our original home cooking: seafood pasta and rice