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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Authentic Italian Cooking

Italian sauces

italian pasta tossed with vegetable sauce
Pasta (cavatelli) with broccoli

Italian pasta sauces and sauces to
accompany meat, fish and eggs

This is the section dedicated to the different ways of making sauces for pasta, gnocchi, rice ...
There is a great variety of sauces whose main ingredients can be meat, vegetables, fish, eggs ... for all people and every occasion or celebration.
We show you how to make traditional pasta sauce recipes from different Italian regions and a lot of exclusive recipes as we are used to cook in our kitchen every day, at Christmastime or for special occasions of for our daily low-calorie and low-fat menu.
Our original home cooking are suited to the esigences of modern life (without fat and fast to do) but they are so tasty to create fantastic dishes for your family or your guests!
Here you'll be able to find also Italian cold or hot sauces to accompany fish, meat, vegetables or for appetizers, savory pies...

Our original home cooking: exclusive pasta and gnocchi sauces


Our original home cooking: exclusive sauces for accompanying meat, fish, vegetables and eggs


Traditional Italian pasta sauces


Traditional Italian sauces for accompanying meat, fish, vegetables and eggs, Italian-style


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