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By: Loretta Sebastiani

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Authentic Italian Cooking

Savory cakes, pies and tarts

Italian-style savory tart, the platter is made with bread and salami, ham and artichokes are arranged on the top
Savory tart: a basket made with bread dough, full of assorted salami

Savory cakes, pies and tarts.

There's a great variety of Italian savory cakes, pies and tart recipes for all occasions.
You can serve them cold or warm, as starter or one-plate meal accompanied with a green salad.
The most important ingredients are fish, meat, vegetables and eggs and they can be made with shortbread or puff-pastry or pizza dough. But there are a lot of savory cakes too with no shell.
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Traditional savory cakes, pies and tarts, Italy-style


Savory cakes, pies and tarts: our original home cooking


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