Authentic Italian Cooking


bass, saltwater fish very tasty, the photo shows a couple of bass fish on a plate surrounded by tomatoes, basil, parsley, hot chili pepper and olive oil
Sea fish for seafood


Sea fish is better than freshwater fish for balanced and healthy eating.
We should choose sea fish many times in a week if our aim is to eat low fat recipes and save-the-heart food.
There are a lot of recipes and various ways for cooking sea fish.
Italy, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, has a great tradition of delicious seafood.
Sea fish can be poached, steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried, grilled, barbecued or baked.
It can be used in fillings, mousses, patés and terrines or as main ingredient for pasta sauce, risotto, appetizers.
Another freat thing about sea fish: it cooks quickly!

Traditional Italian seafood recipes

Our original home cooking: seafood main dish

Our original home cooking: seafood pasta and rice